Dogs For Adoption

Below you will find several of our canine friends available for adoption! There are many that are not listed on our website so feel free to visit our rescue or give us a call anytime!

Full grown lab mix. Super sweet and laid back. Prefers to have all of your attention to himself so must go to a home without other pets. Currently tested Heartworm positive from having them before coming to our facility but is on a monthly preventative!
Fully grown mix and only 40lbs! She has a huge personality and would be great in a home with children and/or other pets!
This beautiful girl has a special place in our hearts here at the rescue. Sadie has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder that causes her to spin uncontrollably for short periods of time. It typically happens when she is stressed or very excited. While it is cute, she will still need a home that understands her disability and take extra special care of her. She’s great with all ages and other animals!
Nine months old and still growing. He really is a knight in shining fur! He so goofy, sweet, and full of energy. He needs to be in a home that’s active and wiling to play! Great with all ages and other pets. However, he still has some food aggression so we advise feeding him separately.
She is 16 week old shepherd mix and very loving little girl. Super smart and would love to have a family all of her own.
Nine weeks old and the sweetest snuggler! Loves to give kisses and play. Needs a home that would like to have a medium/large dog once fully grown.
Fully grown Rottie mix! This guy is as handsome as he is kind-hearted. Fantastic with kids, picky about his dog friends! Our Buddy is heartworm positive but zero microfilaria (baby heartworms) which means he’s healthy but will need to be on a monthly preventative permanently. If you choose to adopt Buddy we will gift you 1yr’s worth of his month Heartworm preventative. 
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